Hong Kong Hanhai set up jewelry department and the annual auction, in addition to strengthening the original art of art and bronze art of the quality of the auction, increase the jewelry sector can also open up the development of high-end customers concerned about and enhance the customer’s reputation and support for Hong Kong Hanhai auction company.

Hong Kong Hanhai uphold the professional, taste and quality as the main axis, a strong team lineup, towards the challenging third year, the future of the company’s direction and results full of confidence.

As the Hong Kong Hanhai new department, jewelry is still dedicated to provide customers with jewelry, diamonds and other high-end consumer collections category of auction, from the early nineteenth century to modern diamonds, colored gemstones and internationally renowned jewelry brand design products The

The department by the industry veteran experts, GIA professional appraisers and art professional managers to form the core team, to provide professional jewelry to buy, commissioned by the auction and sales consulting services. Our professional team will maintain the principle of small and fine collection of options, combined with the latest market dynamics, to provide customers with objective professional investment and bidding proposals.

Louis Vuitton has just launched a new season entry jewelry series – “Color Blossom BB”, inspiration still comes from Monogram pattern. The new gemstones, such as mother of pearl, malachite, lapis lazuli, turquoise and onyx, are cut into “four flowers” and “four corners” of the arc shape, with a gold matrix to form a three-dimensional Monogram pattern.

The gem of the gable is the newest design of the most special – every piece of precious stones petals are round and full, the formation of natural breath of luster, Monogram pattern has a three-dimensional “touch.” For pearl motherfish such gem material, arc cutting also enhanced the effect of pearlescent.

Designers in the necklace, bracelets and other works of gold chain linked to a package inlaid round drill, as the details of the finishing touch. One of the mother of pearl stone double stone ring, two ring face were “four flowers” and “four-star”, simple and delicate design full of feminine atmosphere.

In 2016, China’s jewelry industry terminal market sales of more than 500 billion yuan, gold, silver, platinum, jade, pearl and other products are ranked first in the world, diamond consumption ranks second in the world. Gold jewelry market sales of 310 billion yuan, accounting for about 62% of total sales. At the same time, China’s gold consumption for four consecutive years ranked first in the world, 2016 to 975.38 tons, down 6.74%, of which gold jewelry with gold 611.17 tons, accounting for 62.66%.

Gold also has the commodity, currency and financial properties, with credit hedge and anti-inflation characteristics, its investment demand can not be discounted. World Gold Association statistics, 2016 global gold demand growth of 2% to 4309 tonnes, listed gold ETF net inflow of 532 metric tons, the annual increase in holdings of the history of the second highest. It is expected that in 2017, the political and economic uncertainties in Europe will increase, and the demand for hedging in the Middle East, the Korean Peninsula is tense, the global terrorist attacks, the Trump policy uncertainty and the US economic recovery will not meet the expected risks. Gold price of the main supporting factors for the development of gold jewelry industry companies to provide a more stable external environment.

The continuous development of economy, the steady increase in per capita disposable income has brought the residents’ consumption ability and the willingness to consume, and the consumption structure has been continuously upgraded. At the same time, China’s lower consumption per capita consumption of jewelry, women’s consumer awareness and consumer spending to enhance the high-end consumer trends to the local migration, consumers pay more attention to personalized, diversified, quality of service and other characteristics of the gold jewelry industry provides a broad market space.

Recently rely on the bulk of the market to pick up, and three or four lines of urban consumption to bring the end to expand the demand to expand, the domestic jewelry retail industry trend has been gradually clear. According to the treasure in the data, 2016 China’s jewelry retail market size of more than 500 billion yuan, the last five years compound annual growth rate of 13%.

On the one hand, the bulk market to pick up the market, the high-end consumer demand showed a significant expansion of the momentum, the domestic retail sales of gold and silver jewelry year on year changes and changes in commodity index showed a good correlation. SSE Bulgarian Index was up in the market downturn in January 2016, jewelry retail sales year after year growth since September last year, rose to 56.9 billion yuan in the first two months of this year, up 8.2% year on year increase Hit a new high within a year.

According to McKinsey Consulting estimates, China’s annual consumption of more than 16,000 US dollars more than the mainstream and wealthy consumer groups from 8% in 2010 rose to 57% in 2020. As the main consumer of the luxury market, the expansion of the scope of the group will significantly enhance the personalized value of high-end consumer goods demand. On the other hand, the domestic consumption upgrade trend early, the residents spending power is gradually from a second-tier cities to the three or four lines of conduction. Population return three or four lines of the city, not only brought the new vitality of market sales, while consumer ideas and consumer willingness to complete the update iteration.

The business area of ​​jewelery industry is 11.389 million, accounting for 11.23% of the total area. The area has a total of 2235 jewelry enterprises and 1466 shops. It attracts 56156 employees. Among them, the jewelry enterprises are mainly concentrated in the water Heart area, jewelry carrier type to the main office. In the planning program, the water shell – cloth heart area will further enhance the jewelry industry agglomeration effect, refine the regional industrial functions, the establishment of water Beibei jewelery industry cluster, highlight the “brand water Pui” and “cultural water Pui” concept; Exhibitions, jewelry business headquarters office, jewelry design center, jewelry art college as the core, together with the creative experience of business, jewelry theme hotel and other supporting facilities, the formation of a perfect function of the international jewelry art community.

In addition to the upgrading of the traditional jewelry industry development, Lo Wu will be the advantages of tourism industry into industrial development, highlighting the “innovation, create, ecological” concept, gold jewelry as the core industry connotation to large fashion product design for the extension of the construction of ecological innovation industrial community The To further develop intelligent manufacturing, new technology research and development, fashion industrial design, jewelry cross-border integration, luxury hand-custom, product design, personnel training as the core of the innovative industrial center, relying on a good ecological and cultural environment, to create the theme of industrial tourism And fashion experience tourist destination.

For the development of the industry, the introduction of talent and other development considerations, water Pui – cloth heart area will be divided into the ecological area of ​​eco-livable supporting community, a mature residential community, improve the medical, education and other public supporting services, Parks, bamboo parks and other good public open green space, is conducive to attract industry practitioners, high-end professionals, the overall ecological environment to build a livable ecological community.

Danish jeweler Pandora A / S (CPH: PNDORA) Pandora shares fluctuated this week. Was downgraded by Swedish investment bank Carnegie Investment Bank at the end of the week and fell by 12.1%, but also because of Thursday’s reaffirmation of the current 2017 fiscal year’s full-year results expected to rebound 5%. Today the group also announced that it has opened its first concept store in India.

Pandora A / S (CPH: PNDORA) fell by 1.12% to 706 diners on Friday, Friday, and widened the cumulative decline from 2017 to 23.8%, with a market value of about 82.4 billion din Kr. , About 11.88 billion US dollars.

The group said Thursday it was expected to change its earnings structure by 13% -18% to HK $ 230-240bn ($ 33-3.5bn), while revenue for the fiscal year 2016 was 21.2% The Nykredit Bank A / S analyst Klaus Kehl disclosed that investors had been worried that Pandora A / S Pandora would cut its outlook as the Group’s sales growth was gradually slowing.

Carnegie Investment Bank released a research report Tuesday, saying last season Pandora A / S Pandora was unable to achieve revenue growth from distributors, so the target price from JPY1,200 DK slag to 850 DK, down 29.1%, the recommended rating also From “buy” down to “hold”.

With the “Internet +” rapid development, the pace of wealth faster and faster, whether it is older generation of entrepreneurs, or 80, 90 after the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur’s dream did not end.

Now, after 80 is already a new force of entrepreneurship. They are eager to rewrite China’s business structure. They are subversive, as 50, 60 after the entrepreneurs, then it is not subversive? Although these two generations do not the same thing, but are representative of the generation of the most dynamic, courageous business elite. To say after 80 and their predecessors between the differences in the temperament is clearly demonstrated that they are more to share the spirit. Yes, the era of personal heroism is gone, and now is to rely on the team to start the cause of the entrepreneurial era.

80 after the entrepreneur more to share the spirit, because it is their heart, they believe that the world is able to win the world, rather than zero game.

After all, these young entrepreneurs grow in the most stable times, are abundant, and have not been subjected to brutal political struggles, and their inner sense of security is more adequate and a more positive view of human nature. They are also watching Andersen’s fairy tale, watching the Japanese film, watching the Hollywood film grew up in the generation, they are more universal with the world’s universal values. And in the school to accept the education, but also to class struggle, to politicize, advocate science, advocate rationality, they believe that the world has its law of passage. If the entrepreneurial corporate governance with the right to learn the atmosphere, after 80 entrepreneurs in this generation, they believe that management is a science, rather than the emperor mind, rather than trickery.

This grew up after the 80 entrepreneurs, they are not predecessors so strong political ambitions, family feelings, their driving force more from the practice of their own understanding of the nature of the world, to achieve self-worth.

With the increasing strength of the province’s economic strength, the rapid increase in consumer spending capacity, consumption structure upgrade significantly accelerated, mass consumption has been from quantitative to quality, enjoyment, healthy and environmentally friendly change, people demand for technology products more intense, residents Consumption presents personalized, fashion, consumer hot spots and highlights continue to emerge.

From the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics on the quota above enterprises (units) statistics show that gold and silver jewelry and cosmetics products continue to sell, especially gold and silver jewelry commodity consumption, as a new means of value-added residents and comprehensive hedging new product.

In 2016, gold and silver jewelry retail sales of 7.64 billion yuan, 1.6 times in 2011, an average annual growth of 9.6%; cosmetics retail sales of 6.496 billion yuan, 2.3 times in 2011, an average annual increase of 17.7%.

New fashion culture consumption gradually lead the market trend, become another new bright spot in the consumer market. In 2016, sports and entertainment category retail sales of 4.399 billion yuan, 2.3 times in 2011, an average annual growth of 18.6%; electronic publications and audio and video products retail sales of 933 million yuan, 9.7 times in 2011, an average annual growth of 57.6 %.

Data show that Chow Tai Fook photographed powder powder weighing 59.6 karats, by Pierre Beers in 1999 in Africa when mining, is the United States Gemological Institute identified the largest internal flawless brilliant pink diamond, after the valuation of about To HK $ 460 million. Chow Tai Fook said that hope through this powder drill, to further expand the product category and overseas markets to reduce the dependence on gold and the Chinese mainland market.

As a veteran gold jeweler, in recent years, Chow Tai Fook is no longer satisfied with a single gold business, began to diamond and other categories to expand. 2010, Chow Tai Fook had to 35.3 million US dollars to buy the name of “Kuri Nan heritage” giant diamond rough, processed into finished jewelry; 2014, the company to 150 million US dollars acquisition of the US high-end diamond brand Hearts On Fire ; 2016, Chow Tai Fook to 16.8 million US dollars to buy a green diamond, the highest record of the world’s green diamond auction prices; the same year, Chow Tai Fook announced in the US market to open up the diamond wholesale business, sales of bare drilling and drilling billet; In addition, 2016 Chow Tai Fook also launched its own diamond brand “Chow Tai Fook T MARK”, and become the company focused on promoting the brand.

From Chow Tai Fook this series of actions is not difficult to see, in recent years the company is no longer satisfied with a single gold business, but to other categories such as diamonds to expand.

TuoWOO fashion smart jewelry founder Wang Jie Ming told reporters that the future of the Chinese market for diamond consumption has a strong potential, “China’s diamond consumption is now only about 20%, while the US diamond consumption close to 60%. China’s gold jewelry consumption is 60 %, The US gold jewelry consumption is only 6%.

C & D executive director Zhao Xiao Ma pointed out that Chow Tai Fook through high prices, high-profile bid, on the one hand can strengthen the corporate image and brand, establish and enhance the right to speak. On the other hand can also be used as a very good marketing campaign to drive product sales. In addition, as a collection and investment Chow Tai Fook enterprises, both “town shop”, but also to preserve and increase value.