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With the “Internet +” rapid development, the pace of wealth faster and faster, whether it is older generation of entrepreneurs, or 80, 90 after the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur’s dream did not end.

Now, after 80 is already a new force of entrepreneurship. They are eager to rewrite China’s business structure. They are subversive, as 50, 60 after the entrepreneurs, then it is not subversive? Although these two generations do not the same thing, but are representative of the generation of the most dynamic, courageous business elite. To say after 80 and their predecessors between the differences in the temperament is clearly demonstrated that they are more to share the spirit. Yes, the era of personal heroism is gone, and now is to rely on the team to start the cause of the entrepreneurial era.

80 after the entrepreneur more to share the spirit, because it is their heart, they believe that the world is able to win the world, rather than zero game.

After all, these young entrepreneurs grow in the most stable times, are abundant, and have not been subjected to brutal political struggles, and their inner sense of security is more adequate and a more positive view of human nature. They are also watching Andersen’s fairy tale, watching the Japanese film, watching the Hollywood film grew up in the generation, they are more universal with the world’s universal values. And in the school to accept the education, but also to class struggle, to politicize, advocate science, advocate rationality, they believe that the world has its law of passage. If the entrepreneurial corporate governance with the right to learn the atmosphere, after 80 entrepreneurs in this generation, they believe that management is a science, rather than the emperor mind, rather than trickery.

This grew up after the 80 entrepreneurs, they are not predecessors so strong political ambitions, family feelings, their driving force more from the practice of their own understanding of the nature of the world, to achieve self-worth.

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