Jewelry retail sales reaches very high growth

Recently rely on the bulk of the market to pick up, and three or four lines of urban consumption to bring the end to expand the demand to expand, the domestic jewelry retail industry trend has been gradually clear. According to the treasure in the data, 2016 China’s jewelry retail market size of more than 500 billion yuan, the last five years compound annual growth rate of 13%.

On the one hand, the bulk market to pick up the market, the high-end consumer demand showed a significant expansion of the momentum, the domestic retail sales of gold and silver jewelry year on year changes and changes in commodity index showed a good correlation. SSE Bulgarian Index was up in the market downturn in January 2016, jewelry retail sales year after year growth since September last year, rose to 56.9 billion yuan in the first two months of this year, up 8.2% year on year increase Hit a new high within a year.

According to McKinsey Consulting estimates, China’s annual consumption of more than 16,000 US dollars more than the mainstream and wealthy consumer groups from 8% in 2010 rose to 57% in 2020. As the main consumer of the luxury market, the expansion of the scope of the group will significantly enhance the personalized value of high-end consumer goods demand. On the other hand, the domestic consumption upgrade trend early, the residents spending power is gradually from a second-tier cities to the three or four lines of conduction. Population return three or four lines of the city, not only brought the new vitality of market sales, while consumer ideas and consumer willingness to complete the update iteration.

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