Pandora announced the opening of its first concept store in India

Danish jeweler Pandora A / S (CPH: PNDORA) Pandora shares fluctuated this week. Was downgraded by Swedish investment bank Carnegie Investment Bank at the end of the week and fell by 12.1%, but also because of Thursday’s reaffirmation of the current 2017 fiscal year’s full-year results expected to rebound 5%. Today the group also announced that it has opened its first concept store in India.

Pandora A / S (CPH: PNDORA) fell by 1.12% to 706 diners on Friday, Friday, and widened the cumulative decline from 2017 to 23.8%, with a market value of about 82.4 billion din Kr. , About 11.88 billion US dollars.

The group said Thursday it was expected to change its earnings structure by 13% -18% to HK $ 230-240bn ($ 33-3.5bn), while revenue for the fiscal year 2016 was 21.2% The Nykredit Bank A / S analyst Klaus Kehl disclosed that investors had been worried that Pandora A / S Pandora would cut its outlook as the Group’s sales growth was gradually slowing.

Carnegie Investment Bank released a research report Tuesday, saying last season Pandora A / S Pandora was unable to achieve revenue growth from distributors, so the target price from JPY1,200 DK slag to 850 DK, down 29.1%, the recommended rating also From “buy” down to “hold”.

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