Tiffany will be sold in the name of culture jewelry

The business area of ​​jewelery industry is 11.389 million, accounting for 11.23% of the total area. The area has a total of 2235 jewelry enterprises and 1466 shops. It attracts 56156 employees. Among them, the jewelry enterprises are mainly concentrated in the water Heart area, jewelry carrier type to the main office. In the planning program, the water shell – cloth heart area will further enhance the jewelry industry agglomeration effect, refine the regional industrial functions, the establishment of water Beibei jewelery industry cluster, highlight the “brand water Pui” and “cultural water Pui” concept; Exhibitions, jewelry business headquarters office, jewelry design center, jewelry art college as the core, together with the creative experience of business, jewelry theme hotel and other supporting facilities, the formation of a perfect function of the international jewelry art community.

In addition to the upgrading of the traditional jewelry industry development, Lo Wu will be the advantages of tourism industry into industrial development, highlighting the “innovation, create, ecological” concept, gold jewelry as the core industry connotation to large fashion product design for the extension of the construction of ecological innovation industrial community The To further develop intelligent manufacturing, new technology research and development, fashion industrial design, jewelry cross-border integration, luxury hand-custom, product design, personnel training as the core of the innovative industrial center, relying on a good ecological and cultural environment, to create the theme of industrial tourism And fashion experience tourist destination.

For the development of the industry, the introduction of talent and other development considerations, water Pui – cloth heart area will be divided into the ecological area of ​​eco-livable supporting community, a mature residential community, improve the medical, education and other public supporting services, Parks, bamboo parks and other good public open green space, is conducive to attract industry practitioners, high-end professionals, the overall ecological environment to build a livable ecological community.

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