In 2016, China’s jewelry industry terminal market sales of more than 500 billion yuan, gold, silver, platinum, jade, pearl and other products are ranked first in the world, diamond consumption ranks second in the world. Gold jewelry market sales of 310 billion yuan, accounting for about 62% of total sales. At the same time, China’s gold consumption for four consecutive years ranked first in the world, 2016 to 975.38 tons, down 6.74%, of which gold jewelry with gold 611.17 tons, accounting for 62.66%.

Gold also has the commodity, currency and financial properties, with credit hedge and anti-inflation characteristics, its investment demand can not be discounted. World Gold Association statistics, 2016 global gold demand growth of 2% to 4309 tonnes, listed gold ETF net inflow of 532 metric tons, the annual increase in holdings of the history of the second highest. It is expected that in 2017, the political and economic uncertainties in Europe will increase, and the demand for hedging in the Middle East, the Korean Peninsula is tense, the global terrorist attacks, the Trump policy uncertainty and the US economic recovery will not meet the expected risks. Gold price of the main supporting factors for the development of gold jewelry industry companies to provide a more stable external environment.

The continuous development of economy, the steady increase in per capita disposable income has brought the residents’ consumption ability and the willingness to consume, and the consumption structure has been continuously upgraded. At the same time, China’s lower consumption per capita consumption of jewelry, women’s consumer awareness and consumer spending to enhance the high-end consumer trends to the local migration, consumers pay more attention to personalized, diversified, quality of service and other characteristics of the gold jewelry industry provides a broad market space.