Hong Kong Hanhai set up jewelry department and the annual auction, in addition to strengthening the original art of art and bronze art of the quality of the auction, increase the jewelry sector can also open up the development of high-end customers concerned about and enhance the customer’s reputation and support for Hong Kong Hanhai auction company.

Hong Kong Hanhai uphold the professional, taste and quality as the main axis, a strong team lineup, towards the challenging third year, the future of the company’s direction and results full of confidence.

As the Hong Kong Hanhai new department, jewelry is still dedicated to provide customers with jewelry, diamonds and other high-end consumer collections category of auction, from the early nineteenth century to modern diamonds, colored gemstones and internationally renowned jewelry brand design products The

The department by the industry veteran experts, GIA professional appraisers and art professional managers to form the core team, to provide professional jewelry to buy, commissioned by the auction and sales consulting services. Our professional team will maintain the principle of small and fine collection of options, combined with the latest market dynamics, to provide customers with objective professional investment and bidding proposals.