Louis Vuitton released new season jewelry

Louis Vuitton has just launched a new season entry jewelry series – “Color Blossom BB”, inspiration still comes from Monogram pattern. The new gemstones, such as mother of pearl, malachite, lapis lazuli, turquoise and onyx, are cut into “four flowers” and “four corners” of the arc shape, with a gold matrix to form a three-dimensional Monogram pattern.

The gem of the gable is the newest design of the most special – every piece of precious stones petals are round and full, the formation of natural breath of luster, Monogram pattern has a three-dimensional “touch.” For pearl motherfish such gem material, arc cutting also enhanced the effect of pearlescent.

Designers in the necklace, bracelets and other works of gold chain linked to a package inlaid round drill, as the details of the finishing touch. One of the mother of pearl stone double stone ring, two ring face were “four flowers” and “four-star”, simple and delicate design full of feminine atmosphere.

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